23rd Jan 2024
Matteo Garonne - 2022 117 mins
Language English

A live action and CGI retelling of the beloved tale of a wooden puppet, who embarks on a thrilling adventure to become a real boy. A beautiful and unique interpretation of a classic story.

Score: 93.18%

Some members' comments:

***Scoring A*** Fabulous, magical and terrifying but so full of humanity. A very clever film.* Amazing - great photography.* An enchanting and whimsical tale beautifully realised and filmed.* Incredible makeup effects and character design.* Charming interpretation with excellent detail.* Enchanting fairy tale.* A wonderful amalgam of myth, legend, and fairy tale. Beautiful scenery.* Absolutely fantastic.* A wonderful surprise.* Dreamlike magical - hints of Alice in Wonderland.* Quite beautiful (another donkey - thankfully no abattoir!).* Beautifully filmed, great effects.* Transporting! That wonderful childhood feeling of a fairy tale well told; brilliantly realised.* Exquisite film and perfect storytelling; the acting equally matched.* ***Scoring B*** Thank heavens for reality! A well depicted fairy tale but quite scary in parts.* ***Scoring C*** First half hour very enjoyable; then one and a half hours of not-very-good farce.* ***Scoring D*** Magical it was not - dragged on too long.*