The Quiet Girl(12A)

30th Jan 2024
Colin Bairead - 2022 95 mins
Language Irish Gaelic/Engl

A neglected girl is sent away from her dysfunctional family to stay with foster parents for the summer. She blossoms in their care, but in a house where there are meant to be no secrets, she discovers one.

Score: 96.00%

Some members' comments:

***21 As*** Fabulous story, moving, heart breaking but real cinema.* Wonderful!* A little gem, perfectly formed and delivered.* Brilliant. Silences even better than the words.* Wonderful. Photography superb, acting enigmatic, quite emotional.* A beautiful light shone on the hideousness of poverty. Such a wonderful little girl.* Lovely story- made me cry.* Very moving, unbearably sad, wonderful acting.* A very beautiful film.* Excellent, but was so hoping for a happy ending.* No donkey,but even more moving than EO and Pinocchio! What a beautiful and moving film. Stunning acting, beautiful filming and an extraordinary performance from the Quiet Girl! So glad to have seen it.* Was there a fight or did she go back with them - we’ll never know - a magical and perfect film with perfect performances and totally convincing settings. A real gem! PS There was no donkey but the neighbour was called an ‘ASS’ because of his laugh.* A meditation on love, grief and the hard reality of life.* So much expressed with so few words. Beautiful* Sensitive, heart rending and beautiful. Loved the quiet.* Never have so many people come out crying.* Beautiful film pulled at the heart strings.* ***4 Bs*** Very poignant and touching.* Very moving, plenty of time to reflect.*