16th Jan 2024
Jerzy Skolimoswki - 2022 88 mins
Language Pol/It/Fr/Sp/Eng

EO, a grey donkey with melancholic eyes, encounters good and bad on his journey through life and multiple countries on route. He experiences joy and pain, while enduring the Wheel of Fortune.

Score: 82.35%

Some members' comments:

***9 As*** Brilliantly realised - the donkey evoked our empathy more than most human actors!* Liked it! Visceral at times. Needs more reflection. A bit worried about anthropomorphism occasionally. Amazing images.* Human beings seen through the eyes of a donkey don’t come out very well.* Original, sensitive, thought provoking.* Loved the story line, cinematography, music but not the ending.* Loved it, so moving. Made me sad to be a human.* Beautifully filmed. Made me ashamed to be human, yet again. Such animal wisdom and such crass humans.* Amazing film- photography, editing - very little language necessary.* ***4 Bs*** The tension was exhausting! I couldn’t wait for it to end for the poor donkey! I guessed a happy ending was too much to ask for!* Weird but compelling. we weren’t supposed to enjoy it?* A donkey tilting at windmills.* A rather naive film with excellent photography. Interesting ending- was it an abattoir?* ***4 Cs*** Some lovely photography and amusing moments but mostly seems like an overy long and often unflattering ‘ad’ by Poland’s Tourism Marketing Board.* A very interesting donkey’s eye vie of us lot. But we really needed the dialogue to be understandable.* So tense - so many questions! Unusual. Interesting to read reviews.*