Hit the Road(12A)

9th Jan 2024
Panah Panahi - 2021 93 mins
Language Per/Engl

*****CHANGE TO THE ORIGINAL VIEWING DATE*******The film follows a chaotic, tender family that embarks on a road trip across the rugged Iranian countryside. Over the course of their journey they bond over memories of the past, grapple with fear of the unknown, fuss over their sick dog and get on each others nerves.

Score: 81.25%

Some members' comments:

***A: 11*** Anyone wondering about the other side of the refugee reality should see this film; brilliant storytelling and film making.* Funny, sad, beautiful - the routine of everyday life in an extraordinary situation. It also showed the love for children in countries other than the UK. The way the child was accepted by the people in the bus - we could hear him pushing the horn. The people were familiar in the outwardness of love typical the whole world over.* Beautiful and tense impending disaster, slowly revealing the horrible events that will inevitably happen to the son. Outstanding performances and direction - perhaps too long? But this was almost a Becket or Pinter play on film.* Beautifully acted and beautifully filmed and so well crafted to build the emotional tension via humour pathos and love. Phew!* Dislocation and sadness - wonderful child actor took away some of the sense of loss.* Fantastic cinematography - definitely one for the big screen.* Beautiful, funny and sad.* Beautiful, compassionate, comedic and brutal. What a director!* A profoundly moving and very beautiful film - so much to think about.* Brilliantly acted. Very poignant.* Very moving and interesting film. Beautifully shot.* ***B: 5*** Slow-paced but a good story.* A contemplation on the lots of exile, told with humour and compassion.* ***C: 2*** Too long - director made a lot out of very little.* It would have been B for good but for the irritating little boy!* ***D: 2*** Very silly treatment of a serious subject and too slow.* ***(Not scored) Can't give it a rating 'cos I could not understand it.***