Babette's Feast(U)

14th Nov 2023
Gabriel Axel - 1987 103 mins
Language Danish

A French refugee in Denmark transforms the lives of the elderly women for whom she works.
An extraordinary portrait of the sensual power of food, which is both visually beautiful and emotionally uplifting. This is our last showing before Christmas and we would like to invite you to join us in a celebration of food with a small offering of little delicacies & a glass of bubbly, inspired by the lavishness of Babette's Feast. This will need to be pre-booked and pre-paid by the 7th of November. The price per person is £10, which includes the alcoholic or non-alcoholic bubbly. Guests are most welcome. Normal charges applying for the film showing.

Score: 96.25%

Some members' comments:

18 As A delicious, though provoking film.*** Brilliant*** Fabulous food for us tonight and perfect for the film. Merry Christmas. Thanks x*** Delightful if a bit pessimistic. How their digestions coped is to be admired.*** But, what was the answer to the Schleswig Holstein question?*** Absolutely wonderful.*** Film, food and mood fitted perfectly*** Touching movie. Perfect accompaniment to the lovely food.*** A classic, beautiful and life affirming film. The slow burn was part of the scheme of the plot which mirrored the slow realisation of the diners that food conquers all.*** A feast in every sense.*** A feast to a banquet. Thankyou*** Very moving.*** So wonderful*** So much feeling in it.*** Loved it.*** ****1 B I love a slow film. Much prefer subtitles to dubbing. Beautiful sky.*** *****1 C The grade is for the food! (We hope that means the food in the film, which included turtle soup and "quails in coffins".)