No Bears(12A)

19th Sept 2023
Jafar Panahi - 2022 106 mins
Language Turk/Pers/Azer

The film follows two parallel love stories in which the partners are thwarted by hidden, inevitable obstacles, the forces of superstition and the mechanics of power. The director was sentenced to 6 years n prison in Iran, just prior to the film's release.

Score: 85.00%

Some members' comments:

3 A's: Remarkable interweaving of several stories, tied in with real life, very impressive.*** Very moving.*** Film within film. What is truth? What is reality? Classic elements of film (a la Truffaut et al) but given more poignance set within an oppressive regime and a different culture (non-European). Can film affect change? I think so!*** Such courage. So eye-opening.*** A powerful series of stories powerfully told. Beautifully filmed. Makes one grateful not to be in a police state like Iran. A powerful evocation of the stifling power constant observation, assumption and judgement.*** Powerful.*** The power of traditions to tyrannise - powerful, moving and confusing!Visually stunning and immersive but I was unsure where reality existed - what is real and does it matter?*** Absorbing and complex, but had my attention throughout.*** Thought provoking insight into the plight of people trying for a better life. No happy ending.*** Film within films. Thank goodness I don't live there.*** Suspicion, superstitions, tradition ruining lives.*** ****** 9 B's: Took a while to understand the parallel stories.*** Intriguing.*** Like the originality of the film, but left me somewhat confused.*** A powerful film despite the slow start.*** ***** 3 C's: Could have been better done for a British audience as it was an important subject.*** Had difficulty feeling invested in characters.*** ***** 1 No comment