26th Sept 2023
Mark Jenkins - 2019 89 mins
Language English

Simmering tensions between locals and newcomers in a modern day Cornish fishing village reach boiling point. And hand crafted monochrome expression of a way of life under threat.

Some members' comments:

11 A's: 2nd time even more impressive*** Says it all!*** Beautifully shot, powerful and atmospheric. Very strong emotional undercurrents.*** Flashes of small Pembrokeshire villages in the late 50's. "Johnnie come lateleys" the incomers were called. I could go on!*** Great atmosphere.*** Stunning, original, gripping and beautiful. This is filmmaking in its true sense.*** One of the best films I've seen.*** Captures the dilemmas of every seaside village in Britain.*** ***** 4 B's: Stylish and quirky but patchy. Variable soundtrack and some dubious editing.*** Thought-provoking and absorbing. Brilliantly done in terms of atmosphere and detail. Interesting close-ups. Occasionally obscure.*** Very stark - highlighted by black and white photography - harsh reality!*** ***** 2 C's: C for story only. Couldn't wait for it to end! 90 mins that I won't get back!*** ***** D - 3 Not sure of the criteria used to choose this?? B & W interesting.*** Brilliant tale told badly.*** Some beautiful set-piece shots, but the acting/dialogue/story was laboured.***