Burn After Reading(15)

12th Sept 2023
Coen Brothers - 2008 2008 mins
Language English

Two gym employees chance upon a CD containing the memoirs of a CIA agent. They decide to sell it back to him, failing which they plan to sell it to the Russian embassy. Thought provoking, intelligent and entertaining Coen brother's movie.

Score: 78.41%

Some members' comments:

***10 A's*** A great start to the new season.*** Perfection!Casting, acting, plot, humour, tone etc.*** A sharp, witty tour de force. Superb, tightly plotted and hilarious.*** Loved the chaos. Laughing at stuff that I know is not right to laugh at.*** Plenty of laughs to start the season.*** Subtitles please!Pleasantly confusing!*** Great storyline, good pace, some great filming.*** *****7 B's***** Conversation was difficult to follow - acting was good*** Could have done with subtitles.*** Very entertaining, wacky plot, slightly cop out ending though.*** Very Coen Brothers.*** *****3 C's***** Trying desperately to be entertaining but sporadic success.*** *****2 D's***** Couldn't hear a lot of it, but it seemed a fairly feeble idea pushed way beyond its limit. Sorry.*** Hope this isn't the precursor to the new program.***