3rd Feb 2022
Lee Isaac Chung - 2020 115 mins
Language English/Korean

Yearning to own his own patch of land, Jacob Yi takes his Korean American family from California to Arkansas to start a 50 acre farm to grow Korean fruit and vegetables. Dealing with cultural unease and the ever present chance of failure Jacob is convinced it is the right decision.

Score: 90.00%

Some members' comments:

Good old Korean grannies. Heartwarming and excellent acting. Grandma and David stole the show for me. This was a film that really grew on me. Excellent acting and very poignant. I really enjoyed this film. It had it all! The strains of married life, living in a foreign land and trying to make a living. Some excellent acting and I enjoyed the interplay between grandma and David. And what an ending! Engrossing and moving but sometimes quite difficult to follow the twi cultures of Hollywood meeting traditional Eastern cinema. Excellent performances and direction but sometimes slightly disjointed plotting. Such a sensitive film with all the colour of life. Well done!!! Unusual and engaging - beautifully pitched humour and pathos. A lovely sad happy funny story. Lovely film - great music - but never leave grandma home alone! Wonderful message of togetherness in adversity. Kept thinking the little boy (so well acted) would drop dead. A beautiful film, sensitively directed. Sensitive direction produced a great film. It took me time to get into the pace of the film. Wonderful. Unusual and very moving. Happy sad. Quietly engaging - charming little boy. Very human situation. Hope it all ended well. Some good performances but couldn’t engage with the characters.