Pain and Glory

Pain and Glory()

20th Jan 2022
Pedro Almodovar - 2019 113 mins
Language Spanish

As his health begins to wane, an ageing film director reflects on the relationships and experiences that shaped his life. As he reflects on his choices he rekindles old connections from the past.

Score: 87.50%

Some members' comments:

Beautifully edited. Gentle but gripping. Brilliant. Beautifully acted and filmed. Absolutely riveting. Better on second viewing. Wonderful. So enjoyed it. Almodovar at his sharpest. Precision and clarity in every shot and the most intriguing plot which has twists and turns which are unpredictable but expected with Almodovar. Self indulgent but highly watchable. Lovely - the lighting and colours in the village were amazing. Five stars. Wonderful feelings, so well illustrated with colours. Very good acting and photography. A lot of dialogue to take in. Excellent acting. A film I gradually warmed to. Excellent acting but too fragmented. Homo promo? Found it all hard to swallow - must need an operation on my throat!