Varda by Agnes

Varda by Agnes(15)

10th Feb 2022
Agnes Varda - 2019 115 mins
Language French

Agnes Varda, photographer, installation artist and pioneer of the Nouvelle Vague, is an institution of French cinema. Taking a seat on a theatre stage, she uses photos and film excerpts to provide an insight into her unorthodox oeuvre.

Score: 79.68%

Some members' comments:

Very good, three times. What an inspiration about our own life. Wonderful film. Beautiful lady. We are lucky. Thank you. What imagination! A revelation and how to see the world from a unique perspective. I feel humbled to have even watched such an amazing collage of film making. Excellent choice. What an imagination she has. Occasionally very strange, but she really has something. Fascinating portrait of a woman with an incredible imagination. Amazing film. Amazing woman. Why have I lead such a dull unimaginative life? Thank goodness there was Agnes to see the world in a special way. Creative filming but I found the pace slow and struggled to keep awake! Enjoyed the beautifully spoken French language. Too much gassing, Agnes. Interesting way of recycling your life’s work .. but it felt very long. Learned: Inspiration, creation and sharing. A life of avant-grade. Half the time would have done me. Too long - got bored - no prob - shut eyes - practiced French.