Almost Heaven

Almost Heaven(12A)

13th Feb 2020
Carol Salter - 2017 75 mins
Language English/Mandarin

Far from home, 17-year-old Ying Ling practices for her examination to become a mortician at one of China’s largest funeral homes. The everyday routine of this unusual occupation also serves up both humorous and life affirming moments.

Score: 60.83%

Some members' comments:

Interesting funeral arrangements and natural progression to nursing. Loved her. The girl/trainee mortician had a wonderfully expressive face. An insight into the hard life of a young girl trying to make her way in the world. An insight into Chinese life I never thought I’d have. Thought provoking. Very interesting. A sensitive insight into another culture. Thought provoking. Soulless, so many contradictions. Slow moving. Struck by cold austere automation and contrasting with tender respect for the dead person. Fascinating view of a different culture. A bit grim, a bit tedious, but mostly sad. Interesting insight into another culture’s way of dealing with the dead, but not the best film about a mortician’s life I’ve seen. Just not enough content for a documentary. Slow but interesting. Needed longer to know the character. Very strange subject. Slow at times. Not especially engaging. Gruesome, sad, but well acted. Bizarre, right down to ketchup on a custard tart. Rather slow – appropriate in the circumstances! Funny at times but very slow plot. 1 ¼ hours, ½ hour too long. Almost fell asleep. The film died faster than most of the bodies.