The Wind Will Carry Us

The Wind Will Carry Us(U)

27th Feb 2020
Abbas Klarostami - 1999 118 mins
Language Persian

Irreverent city engineer Behzad comes to a rural village in Iran to keep vigil for a dying relative. In the meanwhile the film follows his efforts to fit in with the local community and how he changes his own attitudes as a result.

Score: 56.28%

Some members' comments:

Very interesting cross between Waiting for Godot, Groundhog Day and Shangri-la. Unusual subject matter. Wonderful scenery and humorous touches. Enjoyed the poetry as substitute for muzak! An interesting portrayal of Iranian rural life. But a little repetitive and slow in places. Would have given it an A if I would have been able to figure it out. Let me know if you know what it was about. Cinematography very good. A window into another world. A well made film with good photography and direction, making use of what little was available. Delightful and bleak scenery. Enjoyed. I never worked out what the story was, but it didn’t matter. I was just happy to be immersed in it. Beautiful photography. I thought I’d understand it in the end, but I didn’t. What can I say? Nothing springs to mind. Am waiting for the ending. But tedious in place, surreal in others. The chickens and ducklings were stars! Taking it out on a tortoise is unacceptable! Not a great advert for Tehran Telecomm. Nice village and camerawork but I gave up the ghost on the plot half way through. 2 hours of cameos OK. But what was the story. Will someone please tell me what was the point of the film? Slow. Live in the moment, or sleep. Far too slow. Only plus was the beautiful Iranian village. Lovely village but the rest was so slow and very little story.