6th Feb 2020
Nadine Labaki - 2018 126 mins
Language Arabic

While serving a five-year sentence for a violent crime, a 12-year-old boy sues his parents for neglect.

Score: 96.88%

Some members' comments:

Powerful depiction of poverty and deprivation. Great photography and acting by 2 children. A shockingly sad and disturbing film, shot in a documentary style that looked all too real. Unbearable, but triumphant in the end. Powerful. I’ve seen great child actors, but baby actors were new to me. Ultimately depressing – for the one who escaped, how many didn’t? Wonderful acting and photography. Incredibly affecting. Truly amazing portrayal of the life led by these people. Superb acting – so moving. Fantastic performances by the children. Sound track a bit too loud. Oscars – Best newcomer – Yonas! Stunning acting from the children – only light relief was cockroach man. Brilliant. Wonderful film. Rahil was amazing. Everyone needs to see this. Somewhat harrowing but wonderful film. Amazing choice of children as actors. Every emotion. Heart wrenching. This is a true depiction of many lives. Harrowing social comment. Amazing story telling to hit home. We are so lucky in this country. Such a powerful film that was so well directed and acted. It felt like seeing real life, not a film. Extreme deprivation in every sense of the word. Gosh! In your face and to think Beirut was once the Pearl of the Mediterranean. The children were superb – how do you make a film like that? Horrendous, but brilliant. I don’t think I have ever been so moved and disturbed by a film ever. Strong stuff and disturbing. Small boots a better option for some. A gruelling watch.