24th Oct 2023
Oliver Heymanns - 2022 102 mins
Language English

Overwhelmed at work and lonely at home, a civil servant's life takes a heart breaking turn when a medical diagnosis tells him his time is short. Influenced by a decadent and vibrant local woman he continues to search for an existential meaning to his remaining days.

Score: 90.18%

Some members' comments:

19 A's: ++ cinematography ++ structure I enjoy a film with visual precision.*** Brilliant script capturing the atmosphere of the age exactly.*** This film was lit by Rembrandt! See the monuments men where his portrait is discovered in the mine. The lighting is from the top 3/4 of the face, left or right, especially noticeable in the later train compartment scene.*** Moving, enjoyed the use of format to emphasise the era.*** Bill Nighy was so good. Compelling and poignant but somehow not sentimental.*** Excellent, gentle, engaging,powerful.*** A lesson to us all.*** Exception of filmmaking of the. Highest quality. superb performances and settings - over sentimental perhaps but maybe this was true to the form it was replicating.*** Beautiful film, wonderful sense of period.*** Acting with eye brass at its best.*** Terrific acting.*** Exquisite*** Enjoyed this very much.*** Beautiful in every respect*** A totally engaging and poignant film reminding us that we work to live outlive to work. excellent all round acting and cinematography.*** A great performance from Bill Nighy and the danger of over sentimentality was carefully avoided.*** Memorable.*** *****7 B's: A decent feel good film what some nice cinematography, if a little predictable.*** Lost a point because of sentiment.*** A definite ‘A’ if I’d heard all the dialogue.*** Could have been half the length.*** I like slow ….but should have been an A. Music gets a D.*** *****2 D’s: I look forward to the shorter version*** Overly sentimental***