Fire will come

Fire will come(12)

3rd March 2022
Oliver Laxe - 2019 86 mins
Language Spanish

Amador is a notorious arsonist convicted of causing a devastating conflagration. On his release he returns to his family home in rural Galicia, where he struggles to re-integrate back into a close knit community. A breakthrough Galician movie that reflects the changing times of late 80’s North-West Spain.

Score: 67.19%

Some members' comments:

Beautiful mesmeric slow and gentle then - POW!!, the final part of the film. Totally absorbed in the story line. What happened to Luna and the beautiful cows? Wonderful photography and held shots that were stunning. Wonderfully filmed, mesmerising soundtrack, mystical and a lot of unanswered questions. What happened to Luna? Very difficult to follow but beautiful countryside. Completely confused!!! Because of it should it bean A or a C? Good portrayal of a loner and misfit. Photography excellent. Enjoyed the absence of musical score, allowing country secrets to surface. A rather naive film, beautiful in its simplicity. Whether he did or he didn’t he could not have been accused of verbal diarrhoea. Slow start. Ending, did he or didn’t he. Music with happy Baroque at the start descended into dissonance. Rather like the film’s plot. Fire sequence outstanding. Didn’t do much for the Spanish tourist industry. Main character not developed. Interesting, but the long meaningful silences can be overdone. Can’t wait for the ending! Great photography and music. 1 hour and 40 mins of beautifully filmed countryside - but watching paint dry would have been quicker. Very slow with dramatic fire scenes at the end. Story of the show? 6575 (the cow) and Art Garfunkel song. A bleak film punctuated with some melancholic Leonard Cohen. I think the cow had the best story line.