The Farewell

The Farewell(PG)

24th Feb 2022
Lulu Wang - 2019 100 mins
Language English

A Chinese family discovers that their grandmother has only a short time left to live. Deciding to keep her in the dark, they schedule a wedding as a reason to have an extended family gathering.

Score: 91.67%

Some members' comments:

Excellent acting, a real life story, authentic with a nice twist at the end. Lost for words. There was too much of it - that is the beauty of your choice of films. Thank you. Bizarre! So this is Chinese humour? (The opposite of Spike Milligan, to whit “I told you I was well”) I’ll be processing this for a while, so much to think about. Really enjoyed this. A joyous film to lift the spirits - what did the bird have to do with it? Excellent. Well scripted and acted. Heart-warming. East meets West and another powerful Asian grandmother Enjoyable moments of great humour. Love Chinese wedding rituals. Happy ending! Loved the music. If there is a film award for “worst wedding speech” this film deserves it. Happy surprise ending. Ordinary Chinese folk. Do they care is Taiwan belongs to China! Too much yacking.