17th Feb 2022
Sarah Gavron - 2019 93 mins
Language English

Rocks is a teenage girl living in a London tower block with her mum and younger brother. One day her mum doesn’t come home, leaving Rocks to cope with the responsibility of looking after home and brother. A highly recommended British film.

Score: 68.42%

Some members' comments:

Brave soul. The value of friendship but not family. Subtitles would have been good. Really enjoyed - subtitles would have helped. Great acting. So, so sad- so common. Didn’t need to understand the speech. Harrowing. Wonderfully acted. Girls at their greatest. Great acting. Great camera. Sad, but true - 200 miles away. Excellent acting in a very real life situation. Subtitles would have helped. Acting excellent and very expressive. Frustrated to not be able to decipher diction. Needed more subtitles. Didn’t understand much but enjoyed those teenage giggles. Camera work, editing, very good. Rocks- acting excellent. Needed subtitles. Depressing. Did not like end. Depressing but makes you appreciate what you’ve got. A sad slice of social realism with an overdose of purple motif. Challenging, therefore it is an eye opener. Thankyou very much for the warning about the language. Dialogue difficult to follow but message clear enough. Kids need parents. Terrible sound. Not quite sure what the moral of the story was. Not sure what the message was. I have never seen such an awful film. Sorry!