17th March 2022
Tamaras Kotevska - 2019 87 mins
Language Macedonian

The last female beekeeper in Europe must save the bees and return natures equilibrium to Honeyland. However her task is made more difficult when a family of nomadic beekeepers invade her land and threaten her livelihood. A visually stunning documentary portrait of rural life.

Score: 89.47%

Some members' comments:

‘A’ as always. Stop interfering. Stunning photography. Extraordinary and moving - extreme poverty and exploited people with no hope of escape. Sad and wonderful. Unsure how much it was directed. Wonderful narrative and superb photography. Beautiful but so, so sad. The only wild honey beekeeper in Europe. Wonderful film - probably the best of 2021-22. Another indomitable woman this week. Bravo. A moving tale of greed and avarice in 21st century Macedonia. I gave up trying to count how many children there were in that family. A wonderfully natural film with marvellous character portrayal and superb photography. The women were strong but what could be done to improve their lives. A good film and totally absorbing. Beautiful scenery and lovely shots - especially the juxtaposing of the aircraft trails overhead. Bleak lives - even bleaker with the modern trappings. Fascinating insight into a fragile existence. Sad, but inevitable ending.