13th Jan 2022
Ben Sharrock -  104 mins
Language English

Omar, a promising young musician, is stuck on a remote Scottish island awaiting the outcome of his asylum request. Separated from his Syrian family he takes the opportunity to take cultural awareness classes to help pass the time and understand better the society in which he is temporarily living.Please enter description of film here...

Score: 85.94%

Some members' comments:

Sadness, brilliance and terrible loss. A bleak and desolate story but with moments of good humour. Wonderful and mesmeric, stunningly shot in beautiful raw scenery. Surreal and funny with a gentle satirical look at the local community - but the reality of asylum seekers is horrifying and portrayed so well and realistically. Wow! what a film: totally captivating - uplifting in its dramatic setting but depressing in the purposelessness of "inmates". Knew the Oud would be worth listening to. Is this the face of our asylum system? A wonderfully atmospheric film with great character studies in a sense of isolation. A beautiful film, funny and sad. Great skies, sparse dialogue = big impact. Acting, camera, use of scenery and wind. How true it is. Excellent photography - the anger experienced by Omar was palpable. His mum was right - its all better with a pinch of Sumac. Disappointing - unoriginal. Ponderously slow - sound was poor and hard to follow at times.