4th Nov 2021
Jacques Audiard - 2015 115 mins
Language French

A Tamil Tiger flees Sri Lanka as defeat seems likely in the civil war. He takes with him two strangers, a woman and little girl, hoping that it will make things easier to claim asylum in Europe. His experiences in Paris soon bring back the traumas of the past.

Score: 76.92%

Some members' comments:

Great camera work and pretty powerful story if a little unlikely ending. Vivid portrayal of displacement, insecurity and living on the edge of society. Powerful, disturbing and moving - technically brilliant. Great camera work and lighting - stunning. Terrible ending - First 110 minutes very good. A powerful drama on such a disturbing subject. Who would want to be an immigrant in the modern era. Very good. Direction and great photography. Time lag at the end as he'd gained the knowledge to become a London taxi driver. On the edge of the seat waiting for the next awful thing to happen. Too violent, didn't follow the gange logic. Happy ending?! What were all the factions? The end ruined it for me.