28th Oct 2021
Alexander Nanau - 2019 109 mins
Language Romanian

A crack team of investigators at a Romanian newspaper tries to uncover a vast healthcare fraud that enriched moguls and politicians and led to the death of innocent civilians. This hard hitting documentary does contain images of traumatic burns injuries.

Score: 95.83%

Some members' comments:

What brave men can do. A surfeit of subtitles, and what a gruelling story. Powerfully depressing Gripping - so difficult to change the system and get people to care. Infant democracy - same all over the world. Shocking story. Excellent film. Hard hitting. State corruption but the masses don’t care! So good but so sad and depressing. Editing high class. Made me realise that, for all its faults, our NHS might not be too bad! Certainly factual but left wondering if anything will change.