5th March 2020
Matteo Garrone - 2018 103 mins
Language Italian

Marcello, a gentle dog groomer, finds himself involved in a dangerous relationship of subjugation with Simone, a former boxer who terrorizes the entire neighbourhood. Revenge beckons

Score: 65.32%

Some members' comments:

Criminality a la reille. A gritty powerful tale. Loved it! Difficult to watch. Lots of atmosphere – lighting and setting. Marcello was perfect. How much was that doggie in the window? Convincing acting. No happy ending. A certain inevitability. Brutal and stark. Good filming but almost too much to cope with – gruesome. Gruelling. Quite the best thug I’ve seen in a long time. A compelling story with a somewhat unfulfilling ending. Would have preferred less blood and brutality (more Iranian pastoral idyll, please!) After all that – still not back on the team. Designed to make you think – why not ? the cocaine – so much cleaner. Psychologically fascinating. Another side of Italy. A bit too long. Bit gory but well made. Simple plot, acting was good. Hard hitting. The underdog has his day? Bit lost for some comment – not for me. Predictably gruesome but with weak ending. The silence of misery. Too rough for me. What was the point of it? Execrable. Unbearably sad and so disturbing.