Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs(PG)

30th Jan 2020
Wes Anderson - 2018 101 mins
Language English

Set in Japan, Isle of Dogs is an animation following a boy's odyssey in search of his lost dog.

Score: 81.03%

Some members' comments:

Brilliant and wonderful. Playful, inventive, utterly subversive and entrancing. Charming, despite the storyline, although the panning was too fast in places. Brilliant animation with sinister overtones! Fascinating. Brilliant Original, witty, and memorable. Wacky, humorous, some dark themes but, above all, hugely creative. Now for something different. Brilliantly executed. Not Wes Anderson’ best but still good. Great music. Prokoviev and Eisenstein? Not sure what to say. Just enjoyable. Weird, but strangely compelling. Amusing in parts, well developed story but could have been shorter. Some interesting parallels with the current Wuhan issues. Entertaining. Anyone know what it was about? Amusing conceit – stylishly animated, but didn’t really hold my attention. D for dismal.