Wajib - The Wedding Invitation

Wajib - The Wedding Invitation(15)

16th Jan 2020
Annemarie Jacir Lang - 2017 96 mins
Language Arabic/French

A father and his estranged son must come together to hand deliver his daughter's wedding invitations to each guest as per local Palestinian custom

Score: 83.04%

Some members' comments:

Tension, outside and in reality. Great screenplay. Another good one. Very enjoyable and thought provoking. Thoroughly enjoyable. Interesting dynamic between the 2 protagonists. Really enjoyed this film. Kept my attention all through – thought provoking. Surprising what you can learn from simple wedding invitation cards. Great. Universal. Quite a social statement. Generational differences, customs, locations, all encapsulated within the father/son tensions. Captures the pressure of family and tradition. Captured the intensity of the area. Finally some common ground over cigarettes and coffee. Good portrayal of an explosive relationship between father and son. It felt at times that I had 360 houses to visit, but it softened up to real feeling. Interesting character study but a bit too slow for me. A day in the life of. A disturbing insight into Palestinian life – nicely acted father/son relationship. Slow, but enjoyed the insight into life in current Nazareth. Slow in places but typical family tensions revealed deeper tensions between Palestine and Israel, still with us today.