Woman at War

Woman at War(12A)

24th Oct 2019
Benedikt Erlingsson - 2018 101 mins
Iceland, France, Ukraine
Language Icelandic and others

Halla, a woman in her forties, declares war on the local aluminium industry to prevent it from disfiguring her country. She risks all she has to protect the highlands of Iceland - but the situation could change with the unexpected arrival of a small orphan in her life.

Score: 92.86%

Some members' comments:

Loved it. Very funny Brilliant, especially the surrealist musicians. Just a shade too much whimsy. One of your best. Superb film. It had it all. Pathos, tension and warmth. Weird and wonderful. The Skandis do great quirky films. The lengths you go to for the love of your country and your culture. Entertaining, thought provoking, and marvellous lesson in sabotage! Gripping, but found the random musicians incredibly sinister. Excellent! Wonderfully quirky and obtuse, off piste. Thankfully Nika was not used as an excuse! Wow! Didn’t get some of the imagery. But full attention. Excellent, colourful, well acted, humorous, full of thought provoking stuff. Loved the band! Humorous and eccentric. Very relevant. Beautiful music. Would watch again tomorrow. Crazy, but so enjoyable. Really good. Topical message treated with humour. A very resourceful woman! Pure entertainment. One gutsy lady. Brilliant film. Thanks SO original. It gripping and left you guessing. Brilliant musical accompaniment. Beautiful and uplifting. I loved it. So true, so tough, so brave. Lose the band! Interesting. Loved the surrealism of the trio and singers. The idiocy overshadowed the seriousness of the story.