Even when I fall

Even when I fall(12A)

26th Sept 2019
Kate McLarnon & Sky Neal - 2017 93 mins
Language Nepali

This documentary tells the incredible story of Nepal's first circus, set up by survivors of child trafficking.

Score: 87.07%

Some members' comments:

Heartening story of the indomitable human spirit. Great photography. Fascinating, sad and very informative. If we have a better film than this in the rest of the season I will be very surprised. Wonderful! Very moving. We need to be “nosy”. Something nice happening in the world. Profoundly moving. What a fantastic story of good coming from evil. A revelation about the time it takes to undo the horrors of trafficking. Amazing core strength – physical and mental. Better work/life balance than me! Powerful, revelatory. What a story to tell the world. Fabulous setting. Very disturbing on one level but really uplifting on another. Lovely photography in a naïve story setting – perhaps a bit repetitious. Serious, sad, but hopeful. Beautifully shot. Quite moving in its own way. A big improvement on the previous week’s showing. Brought the dangers of trafficking to a new audience. Difficult subject – sensitively handled. Bold choice, but good.