Sing Street

Sing Street(12A)

18th Oct 2018
John Carney - 2016 106 mins
Language English

A boy growing up in Dublin during the 1980s escapes his strained family life by starting a band to impress the mysterious girl he likes.

Score: 89.58%

Some members' comments:

Great music. Funny. Heart-warming! So nice to leave laughing! Very, very good and very enjoyable. A real feel-good movie. Best evening for ages. Humour, music, etc. Great. A++ What fun! Brilliant! Great feel-good movie. Amazing music. Wonderfully vivacious. Lovely honky tonky feel good factors. Wow! Great! Acting, casting, camera work. How refreshing – funny, funky. No blood, no murders. Great. Good fun! I went to a school run by Catholic padres, so would have liked to do something like the disco! Loved the music, loved the era, loved the acting. Briliant. I was 15 again with all the rawness and madness of that great age. Brilliant! 1 –just what we needed. 2-don’t ge mad , get even! Most enjoyable to watch and listen to the musicality to assert itself with such charm and command. (Not able to read this well) Brilliant – great music. Funny-sad. So good on so many levels – and poignant too. I loved it, felt like a nice way of reliving your youth from the comfort of an armchair. Best film so far, uplifting and most of all, entertaining – great choice! Charming I could have done with those subtitles. What a lot of teenage angst. A pleasant change not to see mobile phones everywhere. The ending reminded me of Thelma and Louise. Found the transition into a fully-fledged rock band interesting to watch, but it got a bit tiresome with the level of noise towards the end. Good characters nevertheless. Nice bunch of kids. A coming of age romance? Lovely story but with some interesting social comments. Strangely enjoyable. I think I like fairy stories. Enjoyed the music. Ending lost credibility for me. Could have done with subtitles. Would have been better if we had had subtitles. Not film quality, but Fun. I enjoyed the occasional word I could understand. Not the Commitments! Syrupy, bad music. Yuk!