7th March 2019
Andrey Zvyagintsev - 2017 127 mins
Language Russian

A couple in a divorce dispute must team up to find their son who has disappeared.

Score: 78.13%

Some members' comments:

Good, but depressing. The parents from hell, but it was still compelling. Hard to watch. Bleak, but brilliant. Makes our lives a doddle! Superb, with the shadow of relationships, news items – and lack of resolution. One of the most remarkable films I’ve seen, but so sad. Astounding, amazing film. How can anyone perform such sadness. Some people get exactly what they deserve. Depressed for a year. Although the backgrounds were stereotypical, the search was gripping if ultimately fruitless. A, but chilling. This is why we have a film society – to show a high calibre foreign film which you would not see in the High Street. A surprising ending marks it down to a ‘B’. Well acted throughout and a good story. I loved the old woman’s acting!! Too much sex! I loved the long scenes without dialogue. Inconclusive Proper Russian film – no smiles, just sorrow. A long list of open ends. Depressing. Photography won this. The film took a long time to say very little. The news broadcast was interesting though. Rather slow and grim. Generally good photography, Many scenes dragged out unnecessarily, spoiling the dramatic effect. Very slow, hard to watch because all so depressing.