Faces Places

Faces Places(PG)

17th Jan 2019
Agnes Varda - 2017 89 mins
Language French

Director Agnes Varda and photographer/muralist J.R. journey through rural France and form an unlikely friendship.

Score: 87.50%

Some members' comments:

A charming film about people individuals + characters. Surprisingly moving Original, inventive. Lovely photographic images. Insightful, beautiful, touching. Cinema art at its best! Excellent. Powerful, full of amazing images. Absolutely delightful, wonderful insights + very moving. Very philosophical and moving Took me from one world into another What a beauty, just what I needed on a gloomy Thursday Wonderful, inspiring An engaging film – excellent of its kind Very different! Wonderful. Made me laugh and cry and everything between! Beautiful. Original. What a lovely relationship. A captivating film, enthralling throughout! Fascinating different viewpoint. It could only be French. Brilliant. 10/10 Very different – loved it, but I won’t be asking for the ‘phone number of Agnès’s hairdresser. A charming, sensitive film with two original artists bouncing ideas of eachother. A+ Tres charmant et enjoyable! What a cinéaste! I was transfixed. A dark horse. They made a good team – but her voice was so soporific – I think I slept through some of it! Another one I enjoyed but can’t work out why! Quirky but charming. La belle France en lunettes noires. Lovely idea well presented – dramatic conclusion. Bizarre – soporific – I nearly fell asleep. First ½ an hour fine, fell asleep after that. He was an excellent photographer though.