Lady Bird

Lady Bird(15)

10th Jan 2019
Greta Gerwig - 2017 94 mins
Language English

In 2002, an artistically inclined seventeen-year-old girl comes of age in Sacramento, California.

Score: 78.57%

Some members' comments:

An ordinary coming of age story, transported by an extraordinary performance. Good depiction of a stormy adolescence. Convincing acting. Excellent acting – a true account of a real life situation. It’s all about loving them unconditionally and letting them get there on their own!! A proper grown up film. All the lovely, familiar stories that happened to us, our friends, our kids and our friends’ kids, rolled into one. Profound, moving, funny – great film about life and mother daughter relationships. Acting very good. Pace, lacking in places. Parenting is a fine line. I guess I learnt …, it isn’t easy being a daughter and it isn’t easy being a Mum! Brilliant acting. A sweet film. The vicissitudes of youth! Borderline saccharine but gave it the benefit of the doubt. It did not involve me Good portrayal of adolescence in Sacramento, but felt it was rather contrived with Mother/daughter. Really tedious.