The Post

The Post(12A)

4th Oct 2018
Stephen Spielberg - 2017 116 mins
Language English

A cover-up that spanned four U.S. Presidents pushed the country's first female newspaper publisher and a hard-driving editor to join an unprecedented battle between the press and the government.

Score: 94.51%

Some members' comments:

Very good, captivating and very American. Just as good second time. Great expose on the principles of freedom vs security. Totally back in the ‘70s with this film – as good as time travel. Excellent acting and well directed. Brilliant Gripping – great direction, but to be expected. A brilliant and wholly engrossing film with some towering acting performances, especially from Meryl Streep. I was totally gripped from beginning to end. Brilliant – so true! A brilliant story told through understated drama that had me enthralled. Appreciated the subtitles. Helen Mirren excellent. Could feel the rising tension. A++ Excellent. Took a while to get going but powerful rendition. Good, exciting story of today. Dogged determination succeeded. Brilliant, exciting, clear. Await a revival with change of cast! Tense and taut. Mirren and Hanks were superb. Full of suspense, good acting. Trump should watch this. So realistic. Spielberg’s direction was superb – finding adequate words is so hard. A++ Was very pertinent to current situation. Excellent, gripped throughout. Rousing. Great acting and suspense all the way. Satisfying to see the cover-up uncovered. Exceptional camera work and beautiful sets. Thanks for switching on the subtitles. I’d have missed a lot of the snappy dialogue otherwise. Spielberg certainly knows how to build a story, and finish it. A pleasantly unromantic telling of a very important turning point in the dirty history of the Vietnam war. A wonderful story. What a shame the sound reproduction was so awful. I was glued to my seat. A+ Very good, but deeply deeply depressing. What a way to run a world! “Fairy tale” end not very comforting. One wonders if there is such a thing as a free press these days when most ‘news’ is propaganda of some sort. It picked up half way through.