The Other Side of Hope

The Other Side of Hope()

13th Sept 2018
Aki Kaurismaki - 2017 100 mins
Language Finnish

A poker-playing restaurateur and former travelling salesman befriend a group of refugees newly arrived in Finland.

Score: 77.67%

Some members' comments:

Fabulous – great start to the season. Brilliant – well balanced. Good old Aki Kaurismaki. Never fails to make a lovely film. An excellent start to the season. All wonderful. Music, direction, realism. What you don’t get in Scandi Noir. Nicely unusual. How pleasant to see a sympathetic portrayal of immigrants. Kaurismaki has said that this is to be his last film – a pity. The photography was vivid and beautiful. How did the actors keep straight faces? Very enjoyable and interesting. Very real educational and sad. Underplayed. I like that. Nice mix of horror and humour? Ending?? Enjoyed the humour! Happy ending? An absorbing film – a good start to the season. Good photography – terrible music – well acted – very funny, considering the subject. Not sure why I like it! Low budget, but it was effective. The production was basic but it succeeded in keeping the focus firmly on the situation of the refugees. Still trying to work out what time period it was and whether it was a comedy or not! Wooden acting, great characters to build on though not a subject for humour, great music. Badly acted and an inconclusive outcome. Only the restaurant was good. A load of laughs.