The Innocents

The Innocents()

15th March 2018
Anne Fontaine - 2016 115 mins
Language French/Polish

While on a mission to find, treat and repatriate French survivors of the concentration camps a young Red Cross intern finds her life and beliefs changing, when she discovers the advanced state of pregnancy of several nuns in the neighbouring convent.

Score: 92.65%

Some members' comments:

Thoughtful – very atmospheric. Great lighting. Painterly, painful, poignant. A hugely ambitious film to shine such a pitiless light on faith. Incredibly well portrayed for such a sensitive yet gruesome subject. Beautiful cinematography. This film was riveting. Perhaps we should have seen it last week, 8th March, International Women’s Day. Director, photographer and most of that wonderful cast were women. This captured the mood, so atmospheric, tense – wonderful photography. Thought provoking film. Harrowing at times. Black & white photography was appropriate – excellent filming. Excellent. A powerful film, beautifully acted but what a sugary ending. Exceptional the challenge to faith and ritual and love. Stunned! Brilliantly told story where you could feel the suffering. A real story and real people compared with last week. So beautifully done, I appreciated it very much. Brilliant. All the more horrifying because it was true! New life always brings new hope … thankfully. Out of the depths of despair goodness can prevail if you are able to adapt and change. Funny, sad, and so many emotions in between. Religion trumped by humanity! Excellent film. Good shots. Bella Voce! The despair of womanhood in war time. Brilliant, powerful, moving. Seen worse.