15th Feb 2018
Pablo Larrain - 2016 108 mins
Language Spanish

Described by the director as an “anti-bio”, this bold inventive thriller offers an electrifying review of Nobel Prize winning poet Pablo Neruda’s life as a fugitive in his home country after joining the Chilean Communist Party.

Score: 66.00%

Some members' comments:

Poetry with poignancy. Hunter and hunted. Superb photography and perfectly matched music. A totally jaunty tale. Arrived without much prior knowledge of Neruda the man, left with a beautiful montage. Thanks. Beautiful photography for a political Dylan Thomas. I could watch that again, right now. The whole film was like paintings brought to life. The colours were s saturated in the city, then slowly faded on Neruda escaped, and as the story became more surreal. Splendidly surreal. Beautifully filmed. Glad to see the “Knock the Establishment” series continues. 5 B’s Loved the mood throughout. Unsure what else to say. Glad I saw it. Weird. Knew the poems but not the man: still don’t. Good take on a poet. Like the Dick Dastardly detective and the scenery. Not sure I understood it all. I must read about him. 4 C’s Rather too complex for a non-Chilean. Not as good as his poetry. 7 D’s A few amusing bits that did nothing to lift the overall dreariness. A silly film that could have told the story better – self-deprecating! Snoozed, so probably missed out on exciting bits!?