Where to Invade Next

Where to Invade Next(15)

8th Feb 2018
Michael Moore - 2016 120 mins
Language English

Tongue in cheek world tour where director Moore playfully visits various nations in Europe and Africa to highlight the best social and political ideas and practices. He discovers that there is much the good old US of A should try and emulate.

Score: 91.94%

Some members' comments:

A simple idea made very beguiling A profound film A+ Brilliantly done – wish America remembered Michael Moore’s best film. He and his team must have carried out a massive amount of research. The sequence of shots of women’s faces was very powerful Essential viewing. Thank you so much Not sure if I totally agree with his conclusion but excellent entertaining film Everyone needs to see this! Most of it applies to us too Didactic with humour. How could anyone but Moore meet a President while still donning baseball cap and trainers? Style. Required viewing for Jacob Rees-Mogg, Ian Duncan-Smith and Trump As expected – wonderful. He mentioned the war but I think he got away with it!! Agree totally and feeling more hopeful It should be part of the National Curriculum Lots of lessons to be re-learned from Europe –and here we are leaving. I want to move to Italy! An amazing film. So many truths come out. Fascinating. Many lesions for all of us. He hasn’t lost his edge. Great editing. Good job Michael. A little cumbersome at times but he’s still valiantly trying to awaken the American people So why do we strive to be “American” A mixture of some sense and a lot of rubbish. Who funds him? I could have done that in half the time for a third of the cost.