The Clan

The Clan(15)

1st Feb 2018
Pablo Trapero - 2015 108 mins
Language Spanish

An overtly model middle class Argentine family aren’t all they seem. Their respectability is a cloak: under the leadership of father Arquimedes, their undercover activities involve kidnapping rich people for ransom while indulging in gratuitous torture of their victims.

Score: 75.71%

Some members' comments:

Brutal. Great pace, great editing – justice was done in the end. Incredible. I estupendo! Gritty, violent, absorbing, and I could never sleep through that. Good music too (Loud!!). Amazing film, but almost too horrifying for words. Marvellous, I know it’s true but find it impossible to believe it. Papa Puccio made it all worthwhile. Clever way to tell the story. Just shows what democracy does for you. Staggering to think it’s true. I enjoyed it. A powerful film based on real life. Some strong performances too. B+ Good action/good filming. Not my idea of entertainment. Never assume what goes on behind closed doors! Powerful and dark but so well done, but who chose the Kinks music strongly comforting. Gripping, grim, ghastly, but good! The sad part was he never felt any guilt or remorse. A well-constructed ilm about such a terrible family. They made the subject of kidnap, ransom and murder so casual – just adding a few more to ‘the disappeared’. Idiosyncratic choice of soundtrack music. A really bizarre film. No real point to it. Mary Poppins it wasn’t! Baffling. Most of the film didn’t go anywhere. Then it was a case of “when thieves fall out …” – a bit predictable, even if true. Sickening.