25th Jan 2018
Pablo Larrain - 2016 100 mins
Language English

A searing and intimate portrait of one of the most important and tragic moments in American history. Seen through the eyes of the iconic First Lady, the film places us in her world in the days following the assassination as she fights to protect her husband’s legacy.

Score: 75.73%

Some members' comments:

Mica Levi’s soundtrack made the film. Natalie Portman, and the camera operator, captured that terrible isolation after losing someone – surrounded by people, yet completely alone. The interview with the unnamed journalist jarred slightly with the main film, though it served to make important links. I’d have left John Hurt (the Priest) on the cutting room floor. Story needed breaking up more, but beautifully acted. A powerful topic well handled from an unusual perspective – thought provoking. A very interesting and well done account of the time and events. Although not always easy to follow the accents and incredible look back to a time, although so long ago, still part of our present. After watching this film again it is still hard to believe that this sudden/shocking, horrifying tragedy overshadowed the very first episode of the long-running BBC sci-fi show, DOCTOR WHO. Visually stunning! Second viewing but could watch again. Second time of viewing – still brilliant film. Fantastic photography and performances. How to create a legend. Good acting but dialogue difficult at times. From my perspective, “where were you when…?”. An insight, without undue sentimentality, of a country’s and famiiy’s tragedy. Tour de force for the central character – great editing and camera work. Well acted but all a bit too intense, especially the soundtrack. Could have been so good. What a pity Jackie was the most inaudible. Even worse when the music helped to drown her. Atmospheric, unremitting music and effective portrayal of grief. But, I still had problems understanding the dialogue. Perhaps subtitles would be good. An interesting story spoilt by distorted sound – Jackie’s words, in particular, were so difficult to hear. Harrowing story of a woman alone, facing desolation. Was her voice really as tedious as this. Going home for stiff gind and tonic. What a pity we now know what happened next. Onassis, etc. Slow and mawkish. Very American, but at least it explained the meaning of life. How much more powerful this would have been had it been audible?! Found Natalie Portman’s style and hair more interesting than plot – sorry JFK! This film failed because Jackie had not been taught to deliver her lines audibly – if we had been able to understand the dialogue I could have good to give it a “B”!!! Difficult to understand the speech. Why did the music predominate? Why was the sound and dialogue so poor? A very interesting subject ruined. Too drawn out.