Things to Come

Things to Come()

18th Jan 2018
Mia Hansen-Love - 2016 102 mins
Language French

Natalie, a philosophy teacher, divides her time between her family, former students and possessive mother. When her husband announces he is leaving her for another woman she has an opportunity to re-invent herself.

Score: 63.51%

Some members' comments:

Gentle, undemanding narrative – an enjoyable take on the philosophical content. It’s impossible to imagine anyone other than Isabelle Huppert playing Nathalie. She has such a wonderfully expressive face. The film got its momentum from the ever-moving characters vs the following camera. Charming and thoughtful. It’s nice to see a proper actor and a bit of philosophy won’t harm. Wonderful French film. I didn’t want it to end. Very thought provoking. At least thirty scenes in which Isabelle Huppert was walking here and there – it got strange. Well acted but complicated. Needs to be seen more than once. Very enjoyable but not much re-invention. An everyday story of (French Philosophic) country folk. (No problems with the sound). Fairly typical format for a French film with all the gently repressed feelings running through the theme! Quite captivating. Anarchy, Philosophy, Intellectuals. Tres Francais. Isabelle Huppert a reliable performance and much angst. Disappointing. I had a feeling nothing was going to happen half way through. No excitement. Why? Weak story. OK, with some great bits. Of interest intellectually. A gentle but touching film. I enjoyed it but what was the point of it all? I was starting to like Fabien – and then he put the butter knife in the jam! The French must be more intellectual than the English. Why? Finally a strong female character – but what was the point? A trifle meaningless and pointless but loved her flat. Boring