Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea()

11th Jan 2018
Kenneth Lonergan - 2016 137 mins
Language English

Lee is a brooding irritable loner working as a handyman in Boston. When his brother passes away he is left as the guardian to his 16 year old nephew. His subsequent return to his hometown and past re-opens the wounds of an earlier unspeakable tragedy.

Score: 74.17%

Some members' comments:

The film conveyed a wonderful sense of place, and its temperature. The 130 minutes passed quickly. I though Michelle Williams’ acting was exceptional, especially the scene in which Casey Affleck meets her with her pram. Beautifully acted. Too moving for words. An emotional roller coaster. Brilliant acting. Powerful. Can you ever really escape your past? Depth of pain – amazing acting. REAL. At times quite moving although dragged in places. Diction at times was awful. Loved the scenery and music. Depressing story and quite a bit of mumbling but still good. A very sad film without a clear ending in any sense. A complex study of human behaviour. Deep and raw. Poor sound quality making it more difficult to follow an already disjointed story. It’s a pity that there were no subtitles. An honest account of two angry men. Slow and sad, but it drew you in. Confusion over characters. A very disjointed film. Sound quality was poor and music dominated the dialogue. The acting was good esp the young Patrick. Too much bad language. Am I showing my age? Too complicated for me! Dialogue a problem again. Not quite sure what tone the film was going for throughout. Not a very impressive start to the second half. Dialogue incomprehensible. ‘Story’ disjointed. Dialogue incomprehensible. The lifestyles portrayed seemed intolerable to all concerned.