9th Nov 2017
Deniz Gamze Erguven - 2016 97 mins
Language Turkish

In a village in Northern Turkey, Lale and her four sisters play innocently with some boys on the way home from school. The perceived immorality of their behaviour sets off a scandal that has repercussions affecting the sisters’ passion for freedom.

Score: 92.14%

Some members' comments:

Lock up your daughters – wise? Where is Turkish society going? Perhaps making of this film is hopeful. Very powerful – brilliant acting. Some gorgeous filming and I loved the open ending. No wonder Turkey can’t join the EU. Made wonderful companion piece with ‘Our Little Sister’. Horrifying – I hope that I detected a ray of a new dawn. Tradition versus the modern open society. Thought provoking! Good portrayal of breaking free from suppression. Wonderful and very revealing of Turkish “custom”. I wonder if the director can still go about freely in Turkey, his film is so unflattering. Great performances all round, but especially the youngest sister. Hopefully the girls will have some choices in life. Lovely film. Just makes you glad to be born in the right part of the world. That was Shakespeare in Turkish. The issue was tackled so well that the film was riveting, thought provoking and will last in memory. Wonderful filming and characterisation and portrayal of generational divide. Brilliant strong women, lot to think about. Great acting – good hand held camera work. What a family! Grandma – Uncle – not caring but the girls so much like chatterls. Different. A sad, repressive country in part, a very moving film. Need to see the sequal. A big social change by missing a generation of a mother and father movingly told. Where was the love for those special girls?