Love and Friendship

Love and Friendship()

26th Oct 2017
Whit Stillman - 2016 92 mins

Set in the 1790s, the film centres on Lady Susan Vernon, who has come to the estate of her in-laws where she waits out colourful rumours circulating through polite society about her dalliances. While there she is determined to be a matchmaker for her daughter Frederica - and herself too.

Score: 60.42%

Some members' comments:

Beautifully enunciated grammatical English – a pleasure to listen to and savour the language. So funny. OTT. Not like the Jane Austen it purported to be. Wasn’t Kate Beckinsale lovely – she could have fooled me! Wasn’t life complicated in those days? How clever are we women in securing our own comforts. Quite liked the asides/witticisms but did not quite do justice to J.A. Great fun. Jane Austen with a touch of Monty Python. Oh, the gullibility of some men – and the manipulation of some women! Pretty, but what were they saying? Not sure what to say. Very surprising and needed great concentration. Not all mothers are created equal. Dialogue far too fast in places. Slow to get going and concluded very quickly. Music was distracting at times. A bit slow to get going – laboured at times. Just when it started to flow, the film finished. Difficult to hear. Poorly paced. Should have been better. Background music too loud. Thankful for Women’s Lib. What a woman – is there nothing she can’t achieve. Poor sound, heaving bosoms, I completely lost the plot, sorry. Hard to keep up. Quite enjoyable. Light, witty, but somewhat lacking as a film. Witty, but how boring their lives were. The Eastenders of its day. Perhaps if I could have understood the dialogue. I could enjoy this as a book. Totally mystifying as a film.