Our Little Sister

Our Little Sister(PG)

19th Oct 2017
Koreeda Hirokazu - 2015 128 mins

Language Japanese

Three sisters have lived together in their grandmother’s house since their parents left home to be with new partners. At the funeral of their late father they meet their half-sister Suzu and immediately fall under the spell of this exquisite young girl, quickly inviting her to move in with them.

Score: 86.11%

Some members' comments:

Totally charming, loved it. Beautiful, innocence This film radiated warmth and poetry. It was perceptive, comedic and lovely to watch. Casting was perfect – not just the sisters but all the minor characters too. That fine old house made the perfect setting. As the film closes, the girls walking the seashore, you know life will turn out well for them. A feel good film makes a nice change. Charming and thoughtful. Hymn to forgiveness and tenderness, but goodness those girls were trencherwomen with their food. Much enjoyed. A slice of life – and food. Shame about the over exposed image. Beautiful. Well chosen. So lovely. Complicated film done so simply. Brilliant. A really nice film. Thoroughly delightful. Loved the music. So 70 years after, all the Japanese women are human. An uplifiting film. An intriguing insight into some aspects of Japanese life. Good acting. How families can mess you up. A charming and moving film about the things which happen in life. Sweet and gentle. Sisterly bonds were touching and contrasting with the coolness between everyone –(including sisters). Prefer a stronger story line! Beautiful lighting and a lovely story about relationships between sisters. The print very light. A bit long!! Difficult to make out if Father was a hero or a villain. Sweet film of sisterhood in an interesting culture. A sensitive portrayal of sibling love. I am sure I missed some great family scenes – but couldn’t see the plot for all that food and plum wine. Relentlessly wholesome – like “Little Women”.