Taxi Tehran

Taxi Tehran(12)

5th Oct 2017
Jafar Panahi - 2016 82 mins
Language Persian

A witty and politically lacerating film, by a director who is banned from making movies by the government. He transplants the film studio to his taxi and discovers the people who journey with him, as passengers, as they travel the streets of Tehran.

Score: 65.15%

Some members' comments:

Thought provoking This is a very good insight into an oppressed society. A delicious, but convincing, (jest?). I thought it was very insightful, and loved seeing the changing relationships between all involved. There was a raw quality that ensured every street corner turned brought new treasures of character and honesty. An inventive way to overcome censorship. Child on too long. Doubt they execute as many as they kill on the roads. A clever film – plenty of sly jibes at their regime. I liked the miracle of the self-cleaning back seat covers, Interesting under the constraints. Good First time coming. Enjoyed the film. Will come again!! Was it real? Prison for going to see volleyball. What a world! A sideways look at chaos. Quite amusing. Alice in Wonderland had nothing on this stuff. A strange country – somehow chaotic but still survives. Not really a place to visit. Some interesting cameos but a bit too deep and meaningful overall. A novel idea – but following a bout of travel sickness I am off to lie down in a ‘darkened’ room. Rather too deep for me. Nice pictures of downtown Tehran! I’m sure I should have enjoyed it more but sadly I didn’t. Interesting tho. Can’t think of any redeeming features. Glorified home movie. Had a 20 min snooze. I didn’t seem to have missed anything. Not a patch on Peter Kay’s car share! Come back (Morrin?)!