28th Sept 2017
Jim Jarmusch - 2016 118 mins
Language English/Italian

A week in the life of Paterson, a young bus driver and poet in Paterson, New Jersey. His extremely regimented life is portrayed with both humour and pathos. Something happens which has the potential to knock his world into a tailspin.

Score: 70.69%

Some members' comments:

Paterson himself did not give much away but kept the speculation alive thanks to his acting ability. An excellent film, great acting – great story – very clever. Nice, just nice. Ahha. Strangely enjoyable. Enchanting Only Jim Jarmusch can make such a poetic and gentle film. Hypnotic, celebrating the beauty of everyday life. I loved every languid minute. The camera work, especially in the use of reflections, was superb. I assume Jarmusch was thinking of Groundhog Day when he dreamed up this lovely film. Haunting, exhilarating, nothing seems to happen, yet everything does – amazingly timeless. Not sure why I found it so gripping. Sweet insight into slow, boring rhythms of a simple life with its repeated themes. I don’t quite understand why I enjoyed it but I did and the dog deserved an Oscar. Took some getting used to, but pretty poignant. Slow and poetic. Strangely compelling, considering the mundane storyline. Groundhog Day with cupcakes? It did have some humour, but it was too long. Got bored. Best part the dog, Marvin! Intensely forgettable. A very long week. Great acting from the dog. A gentle film but a bit like watching paint dry! May I have the recipe for cheese & Brussels sprout pie! Not sure of the point, but it shouldn’t take that long to make it. An exercise in tedium. Awful. I survived, I think. Although I might have died of boredom without noticing. Was it all euphemism and innuendo, ‘cos I was bored out of my mind. Wish I’d stayed at home.