21st Sept 2017
Cristian Mungu - 2016 128 mins
Language Romanian

Doctor’s daughter Eliza is assaulted the day before her final exams, in an attack that could jeopardise her entire future. Her father has to decide how to resolve the situation, but none of the ways open to him use the principles he, as a father, has taught his daughter.

Score: 75.00%

Some members' comments:

Very good. Excellent Held attention to the end. Great direction. Possible low budget. A complex story with totally convincing performances. I liked the way they left so many loose ends. The opposite of Hollywood. Children remain uncontaminated by their parents. Felt credible, but swept up in mounting tension. Very intense. Excellent acting. A lot of issues raised – food for thought. I enjoyed it all. Excellent performances from Romeo as he lost his credibility and from (Clisc?) as she struggled to maintain her identity. But generally too long. Very good acting by main characters – a bit lengthy. Long winded. Engaging story. Good Rather too long. Just too long. Atmospheric, but a bit drawn out. Very good till half-way – all the points well made, but then got unnecessarily complicated. A possessive and obsessive father got his just desserts!! Overly long – corruption everywhere – must be Tories. An insight into what some colleagues have left behind! Far too long-winded. Well acted, but slow paced. A bit drawn out. Too many unanswered questions. Overlong and spoilt by monotonous dialogue for most of the film. Remind me never to go on holiday to Romania. What a cheerful lot. Had to wait 2 hours for a smile. Loooong! Far too oblique and a bit OTT on the daughter’s exam.